Life Time Care

From initial purchase to mission accomplished

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Tell Us Your Needs!

Ask us for available rental equipment.

Normet people, tools and programs take good care of your Normet machine worldwide and keeps it performing productively and safely with predictable costs.

  • We start with complete operator and maintenance instructions, spare parts manuals. Available also online.
  • We are where you are. Normet sales and service companies and contracted partners cover whole world. Downtown Stockholm, Sweden, outback of Australia, Chilean mountains or Siberian cold. We are there.
  • Maintenance, repair, rebuilding, tunneling process expertise. Or something else? Experts at your service. Short term or long term.
  • Training, from the introduction how to use up to complete education program for your staff to work with Normet machines. Our training covers also working processes like concrete spraying, charging and transportation.
  • Spare parts needs? Normet Global Parts Logistics makes them available. Quality parts with quality deliveries.
  • Modify, modernize, need new features or components. From Life Cycle Products there is sure the option to choose and use.
  • Warranty. Life Time Care is your partner in the case of the unexpected. Extended warranties are available on request.