The no.1 charging system

Successful drill and blast excavation in underground mines and tunnels ensures professional, productive and safe charging and blasting. While rock and groundwater conditions and local legislation dictate the types of explosives that can be used, all drilling and blasting operations have one thing in common: no method of charging will make up for poor drilling, but good quality drilling can be ruined by inadequate blast design and poor charging quality.

Today, all high production underground operations use bulk explosives: ANFO, emulsions or water gels. To maximize the benefits of bulk materials, the charging processes must be properly mechanized. The equipment has to be safe and reliable, while meeting the highest possible productivity and quality requirements of the industry – whether for face charging with horizontal holes or for production charging with up-hand and/or down-hand holes.

Normet has designed a complete range of underground explosive chargers around these needs. Chamec products are based on more than 40 years of accumulated experience and close partnerships with tunneling and mining customers across the globe. Hundreds of these mobile units have already been delivered to hard rock mines and civil tunneling projects worldwide.

In modern emulsion and water gel charging processes the explosive is sensitized on the charging unit. As authorities usually regard such units as explosives factories, Normet has developed its charging concepts in close cooperation with explosives manufacturers.

Normet Charmec systems are built to improve safety and productivity in underground blasting, contributing to high quality and cost-effective bulk explosive charging processes. And they offer a consistently high resale value with low lifetime costs.