Concrete Spraying

Sprayed concrete for safe tunnels

Today, the use of sprayed concrete in mines, tunnels and other civil engineering structures is an important and integral part of successful, highly productive and safe rock support systems.
In addition to offering our complete range of equipment and Life Time Care services, we are also your expert partner through the entire spraying process: for concrete admixtures and accelerators, technical advice, extensive support, problem solving and training.

The trend in application equipment is towards utilizing self-propelled mechanized and automated spraying systems that deliver high productivity, superior operator safety and outstanding quality. Our mobile sprayers are the result of more than 40 years of experience in underground works and of close partnerships with tunneling and mining customers across the globe. All Spraymec models are available with an electro- or diesel-hydraulic configuration and an optional on-board compressor.

Normet has sold hundreds of sprayed concrete units worldwide most of which, thanks to their durability, are still in use!

The Normet technical team can provide on-site training on the operations of concrete spraying. Normet also has a number of certified EFNARC (European Federation for Specialist Construction Chemicals and Concrete System) examiners which can evaluate the sprayers on their knowledge and skills on concrete spraying to determine whether they demonstrate the technical knowledge and practical ability to qualify for the EFNARC Nozzle Certification Scheme.
Please click here for the list of Normet's EFNARC Certified Nozzleman Examiners.