Lifting & Installations

Lifting vehicles for optimum reach

Utilift scissor lifts on our well-known mining carrier are designed for lifting and installations in mining and low-profile tunnelling. Utilift vehicles are suitable for roof reinforcement works, explosive charging and installation of cables, pipes and ventilation equipment. Typical standard options include a side-shift platform, platform tilt, crane, pipe installing equipment, air compressors, an electrically driven power pack for platform hydraulics, ANFO charging kits and helper platforms. The driving ergonomics of the vehicle can be enhanced with an optional fully enclosed, high-comfort operator’s cab.

The Himec range is the product of a long-term collaboration between Normet engineers and global tunnelling customers and experts. This has generated a holistic understanding of customers’ lifting and access equipment needs in both hard and soft rock environments. The wide reach of Himec is ideal for medium- to heavy-duty load lifting and working coverage in practically any tunnel profile. With a large variety of platform configurations and standard options, they can be perfectly customized for specific lifting and installation applications. Our new platform load-sensing system and other built-in man-lifting safety features comply with the latest safety rules and regulations. Himec machines are also CE-approved and feature the well-known Normet mining carrier.