Underground Logistics

Versatile underground vehicles

Normet provides you with a complete range of rubber-tiered underground transport vehicles to fit all your needs. Designed for applications requiring full carrier utilization, our Utimec range can be custom-built for any purpose, such as fuel transport, lubrication, mobile workshop, personnel transport, material transport, or as a flat bed with a crane.

Our Multimec slide-on/ slide-off cassette system is the ideal solution for mines needing a quick change of use for a wide variety of transport requirements. It features a series of different cassettes that fit on the Multimec carrier, each for a specific purpose. Just one Multimec carrier and the right choice of cassettes give you a safe and economical underground transport system for men, materials, fuel and so on.

Normet’s modular Variomec concept uses a mine type carrier and interchangeable work modules: a dump kit for rock hauling, a remixer kit for concrete transport and a boom lift kit for man lifting. Any combination can be converted to another in just a couple of hours. Both the Variomec and Multimec save customers capital costs for theur fleet of tunnel construction machinery. And with their high dependability and long lifetime, the Variomec and Multimec carrier and system modules reduce your operating costs.

For fast and comfortable personnel transport, to carry a small amount of materials quickly to a work site, or to take the manager or foreman to check work in a mine or tunnel excavation site, the ideal solution is the Normet RBO. Our high-speed men and material transporter with suspension has been designed for use on harsh underground conditions, with a special focus on operator and passenger safety and comfort. Its high speed even up the ramp is achieved by the powerful diesel engine that complies with the ever stricter exhaust emission regulations.

By adding features from the wide range of accessories (crane, compressor, hydraulic welding machine, manlift, etc.), you can transform the Normet RBO into a multi-purpose underground support vehicle.