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Concrete Repair Epoxy Injection Grouts

A range of concrete repair epoxy injection grouts and mortars that provide maximum penetration, high strength, low movement, chemical and water resistance.

Construction and Repair - Cement

TamRez 200FS

  • Ultra-low viscosity injection epoxy

TamRez 210

  • Extra low viscosity epoxy injection grout for minor movement

TamRez 220

  • High performance epoxy resin
Watertight Structure 1

TamRez 220U

  • High performance epoxy resin for underwater application
Concrete repair for civil structures

TamRez 240

  • High strength all weather injection epoxy

TamRez 405

  • Extended epoxy grout for anchoring
Construction and Repair - Cement

TamRez 440

  • Flexible epoxy sealant
Construction and Repair - Masonry substrate

TamRez Cleaner

  • Solvent cleaner for epoxy resins

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