Focus on innovation and R&D

We are committed to making a positive impact. We are creating new products and services with the latest technologies, working methods and learnings. We’re known for low hierarchy and flat organisation, we’re agile, and you’re provided the freedom to iterate. Professional and personal development Normet is committed to developing its people. We continuously promote the exploration of new ideas and technologies. Come develop your skills with the industry’s top experts. We offer opportunities for professional and personal growth and value diverse backgrounds and experiences. Health and well-being For us, your safety and health is a top priority. We aim to do everything we possibly can to safeguard our employees against work-related incidents and illnesses and ensure that we contribute positively to our own and our customers’ operational environments. We offer extensive occupational healthcare services and voluntary health promotion campaigns and programs are offered at our facilities globally. Work-life balance We support work-life balance with e.g. flexible working hours and offer the possibility for hybrid work. Our employees can enjoy their free and family time and achieve their career aspirations.

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