Khopoli, India chemical plant is now fully operational

July 15, 2021

Khopoli, India chemical plant is now fully operational

Khopoli India Chemical Factory

Situated approximately 54 kilometres south east of Mumbai, Normet new state of the art Khopoli chemical plant is now fully operational.

The new plant is built on a plot area of 181,720 square foot with a total plant footprint of 80,000 square foot. The plant accommodates 5,500 square foot of modern office space, 2,730 square foot of laboratory and development facilities and over 70,000 square foot of production and storage space.

First impressions count and through the main doors, we enter a spacious reception and lobby that creates a balance of visual attraction and practicality. The area makes a distinctive impression, projecting a sense of expertise and professionalism, evoking trustworthiness, efficiency and competence!

This design extends to the meeting rooms that foster an optimum environment for creative thinking and problem solving. The design facilities the use of space, allow for participative communication and collaboration.


The fully equipped bespoke R&D facility offers a flexible design that supports our current and future technology and strategy needs. It provides sufficient circulation space to optimise accessibility and safety along with creating an atmosphere of innovative thinking.

The main production area houses two 17 metric ton accelerator vessel, one of these being jacketed. There are two admixture vessels, one 15 metric ton for bulk production and a smaller five metric ton system. Storage is ample totalling 80 metric tons for the PCE's, two HDPE storage tanks, 600 metric ton racking system, along with 40,000 square foot floor space storage. This is complemented with an array of MHE and utility equipment including battery operated forklifts, pallet trucks along with modern utility equipment.

Khopoli chemical plant production area supporting India
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