Normet Employee – An inspiring work environment

September 30, 2022

Normet Employee – An inspiring work environment

Meet Team Lead Wendy Opazo Honorato based in Santiago de Chile, Chile. Wendy is currently one year into her new role at the Sales division where she previously worked as an Assistant. She works with spare part sales and customer service, including managing orders, invoicing, and mid-term planning, as well as technical support, to contribute to Normet’s Services Business Line sales and strategy work. Wendy also acts as a Champion for internal IT projects in Chile.

Wendy says Normet delivers the right mix of fun and challenges, emphasizing that she specifically enjoys the continuous improvement culture at Normet and the mindset that comes with it. Embracing renewal is what keeps us ahead of the curve.

“You are a right fit for Normet if you’re motivated, willing to take on responsibility and used to managing tight schedules. ‘Above and beyond’ is a mindset that we all share”, Wendy says.

Wendy says that her input is valued at Normet and that she is provided the support she needs for her professional development. She considers it a privilege to meet so many interesting people and build a network within a global company. And she also enjoys working with those colleagues closest to her.

“We are like a family, we care for each other and push each other. It’s all about the team”, concludes Wendy.

About: Wendy Opazo Honorato

Title at Normet: Team Lead, Sales division – Services Business Line, based in Santiago de Chile, Chile

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