Normet Employee – Collaboration is the key

October 3, 2022

Normet Employee – Collaboration is the key

Raymundo Salas Hernández is a Product Manager in ground construction and construction technologies and based in Zacatekas, Mexico.

“We work in close collaboration with the customer, and creatively develop, new products every day. Being a technology leader, that's a must for us,” says Raymundo, who sees first-hand how innovations are benefiting engineering, manufacturing and mining in Latin America.

Raymundo has been working for Normet for eight years, and in his current post as a Product Manager he acts as a visionary for new ideas from initial concept to full-blown product, in addition to being happily involved in improving customers’ processes.

“We're all about finding solutions to problems and helping the customer thrive,” Raymundo says, “which makes this the perfect job for an inquisitive person like me.”

Creativity is a driving force, as is the seamless collaboration and open dialogue among Normet colleagues, who are all equally eager to serve customers, produce results, and learn. Raymundo points out that ambitious target-setting, sharing best practices and learning together are efficient methods of fostering a strong culture at Normet.

“Normet has provided me the right platform to grow as a professional – but also as a person. Every day I try to be the best version of myself,” he concludes.

About Raymundo Salas Hernández

Title at Normet: Product Manager –  Ground Construction and Construction Technologies, based in Zacatekas, Mexico

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