Normet’s Summer Trainees – An International Perspective

Normet’s Summer Trainees – An International Perspective


It has been 2 months since I started at Normet. I have felt valued, treated without any difference regardless of gender, my country of origin, language barriers or job title. I have had the support of the team throughout this adventure, excellent planning during on-boarding and the opportunity to give and receive feedback. All of this has encouraged me to challenge myself to develop further. I look forward to continuing to enjoy the experience, learning about the industry, gaining experience and being of service to Normet.   

The very beginning  

A year ago, I arrived in Finland for personal reasons. I had never studied the language, the Finnish summer seemed to be what I knew as my winter at home, but I was ready for new challenges. 

Six months ago, I faced my first Finnish winter and I really enjoyed it. I started my first Finnish course. I wanted to be able to communicate with the locals in their language, in a way to show my interest and respect for the culture.  

Four months ago, I started hearing about summer jobs and came across a job post in Normet. An international company, based in Iisalmi, in the field I studied and with English as a first language. On top of all these temptations there was an additional one - I had the option to develop myself and continue learning in this country, with a multicultural team and different backgrounds, doing something I am passionate about. A new challenge for me. 

In my opinion, the best thing about working at Normet is a working atmosphere. Everyone is taking their job seriously and they have a lot of things to do, but there is still a good and relaxed flow. I also feel like everyone is equal and valued here. Summer trainees are also given responsibility and they are part of the team as well as everyone else.  

Your application was submitted 

Updating my CV and writing my cover letter was not a big challenge. I calmly filled in the application form on a user-friendly website. Receiving the mail for my first interview gave me lots of energy and adrenaline. 

The morning of the interview I was very calm thinking I would be a good candidate for the position, the nerves came when I settled down that it would be entirely in English. I had never faced an interview in English before. The calm came when I had my first meeting with the interviewers, my future colleagues. 

Was it a culture shock? 

My first days at Normet were a pleasant and positive culture shock. The working atmosphere is amazing. From minute 0 we were treated as if we were just another employee who joined the company regardless of the period we will be there. The onboarding plan generated by my tutors, the integration space between different trainees, the induction plan offered by learning global allowed me in a short period of time to feel totally integrated with the company and to want to promote its values in each of my actions. The freedom I feel to perform my duties and have responsibilities to meet the needs of the company from the very first minute. 

I look forward to developing and growing with Normet!  

Constanza Flores Rios has a degree in civil mining engineering, and diploma in Innovation focused on Sustainability from the UDD university in Chile and is currently working as a summer trainee Sales support and documentation at Normet. She is passionate about engaging with the community and learning about different cultures. As a foreigner, it is her first time working for a company located in Finland and she intends to use this opportunity to challenge herself and interact even more with the locals. 

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