Operator training in VR is renewing Normet’s training offering

November 29, 2021

Operator training in VR is renewing Normet’s training offering

Normet digital operator training team has been working vigorously during the last year to further improve our VR simulator training capabilities and compliance with industry requirements. The work has mainly evolved around building new training schemes and scenarios to both strengthen the existing course offering, and to work in cooperation with EFNARC to comply with their Nozzleman training and assessment schemes.

In June 2021 this work reached an important milestone when Normet VR Spraying Training Simulator was officially certified to be used for EFNARC C2 Nozzleman trainings. This makes also Normet entitled to organize the C2 operator training courses and assess and certify nozzlemen according to the scheme.

Operator training in VR simulator

“EFNARC, the international association of Experts for Specialized Construction and Concrete Systems, has developed sprayer operator certification schemes to comply with the tightening industry standards, safety requirements and environmental aspects since the launch of the Nozzleman training, assessment and certification scheme in 2009,” explains Max Eckstein, president of EFNARC. “C2 is the latest development for operator training and certification with integration of VR simulator technology,” continues Eckstein. “We’re excited to have Normet on board to support EFNARC C2 trainings.”

This is a great addition to our operator training offering, as the EFNARC training schemes are widely recognized globally. It also strengthens Normet’s capabilities to help improve the sprayed concrete operations in mines and tunnelling projects for safety, efficiency, and lower CO2 emissions through optimized concrete consumption.

Sprayed concrete is one of the tightest regulated processes in underground construction. This is because especially in tunnelling the sprayed concrete structure is there to protect the underground facility and it’s users for the decades or even centuries to come. Modern civil engineering has means to design extremely durable structures with moderate layer thicknesses, but in the end it all comes down to the quality of the application. The operator and their competence plays key role here.

The simulator has also proven to be quite a success at exhibitions and demo events. Many visitors who normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to try a real sprayer have tackled the simulator challenge and participated to our infamous VR spraying contests. One unifying statement from those who have tried spraying with the simulator for the first time has been how much they now value the skills of professional sprayer operators.


For more information, please contact:

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Director Underground Process Excellence, Normet Oy
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