Expanding resin structural foams are used extensively to re-level and support property, foundations, roads, highways, pavements, slabs, parking areas and railroads to name a few. The Normet GeoTek SJ resin foam system makes use of modern innovative technology with resin compounds that have been specifically formulated for such applications. Controlled expansion, instant high strength, excellent chemical resistance and durability ensure that any work undertaken stands the test of time.

The re-levelling methodology involves the precise introduction of resin beneath the building or slab through injection ports or tubes where it instantly reacts to form a controlled, high strength expansive foam that physically jacks the structure back up to the original level. Laser guides are typically used to measure the precise amount of lift occurring during the injection stage. The result is a system that offers millimetre precision levelling in a fraction of the time compared with traditional methods.

The use of GeoTek SJ is especially suited for raising trafficable pavements such as roads, warehouse slabs and airport runways as downtime and interruption is kept to a minimum due to the speed of application.

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The benefits of the GeoTek levelling resin systems
  • Precision – Engineered and controlled lifting process with millimetre accuracy
  • Fast – Slabs can be lifted quickly and safely within minutes
  • Non intrusive – Does not interfere with everyday operations, operations can resume within minutes
  • Eco friendly – Our resin foams are totally inert and safe for the environment
How can Normet help?

Normet work closely with a global network of experienced Specialist Contractors.  Our Specialist Contractors are fully qualified and use the latest injection equipment technology and process allowing for precise re-levelling of the structure. Please contact us if you would like more information on our GeoTek underpinning system or information on your closet Specialist Contractor.

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