Re-levelling and Support


The use of high strength, fast reacting expanding polymer foams are a proven and tested technology to lift, re-level, fill voids and support. The Normet GeoTek SJ polymer foam range makes use of modern innovative technology with polymer resin compounds that have been specifically developed for such applications. Controlled expansion, instant high strength, excellent bearing capacity, chemical resistance and durability ensure that any work undertaken is fast, efficient and effective.




Conventional repair methods are time and labour consuming, typically requiring excavation and reinstating with new material.  These repair methods are generally costly and disruptive, leading to lengthy repair times and  often extended work programs.



Our re-levelling process using the GeoTek SJ polymer foam provides instant precision lifting, support and sub base consolidation. GeoTek SJ liquid resin is injected beneath the slab or foundation, penetrating even the smallest of voids.  GeoTek SJ quickly polymerises to form an expansive, high strength foam, generating lift and instant  support along with compacting sub grade material. During the injection phase, levelling monitors are used to ensure millimetre accuracy, allowing slabs to be incrementally lifted back to original level.


The benefits of the GeoTek levelling resin systems
  • Precision – Controlled lifting with millimetre accuracy
  • Fast and safe – Structures lifted quickly and supported safely within minutes
  • Non disruptive – Does not interfere with everyday operations
  • Economical - Lower costs compared to traditional repair methods
  • Durable - Strong, stable and does not bio-degrade
How can Normet help?

Normet work closely with a global network of experienced Specialist Contractors.  Our Specialist Contractors are fully qualified and use the latest injection equipment technology and process allowing for precise re-levelling of the structure. Please contact us if you would like more information on our GeoTek underpinning system or information on your closet Specialist Contractor.

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