Strengthening & Void Filling


For over 35 years, Normets resins and specialist grouts have been used extensively for strengthening soils, injection into weak or fractured rock and void filling of cavities or voids. Our fire-resistant polyurea based resins range from high strength, non-foaming materials typically used for rock mass grouting through to high expansive, cost effective void filling foams. Our low viscosity single and dual component polyurethane, colloidal silica and acrylic gels and microfine and ultrafine cements are generally used for soil permeation applications or rock fracture grouting.

The benefits of our GeoTek resins and grouts
  • Proven technology - Our GeoTek resins and grouts have been used for over 35 years
  • Full range – Normet manufactures materials for all application requirements
  • Global – Complete supply coverage in all major continents
  • Support – Full global technical support and global Specialist Contractor network
How can Normet help?

Our global team have significant technical knowledge on the use of our resins and grouts for ground engineering applications. For more information on our Geotechnical range of specialist resins and grouts or information on your closest Specialist Contractor then please contact us for further information.

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