Subsidence is caused by the underlying soils loss of bearing capacity resulting in settlement of the structure and subsequent structural damage. Where loss of bearing has occurred in non-cohesive soils, the use of specialist resin materials for consolidating and improving soil strength beneath foundations has become increasingly popular. Compared to traditional underpinning where soil is excavated and replaced by concrete, the injection of GeoTek resin into the permeable soils beneath the foundation is cost effective, less time consuming and non-intrusive. Underpinning using the GeoTek system is typically completed within days and avoids the disruption normally associated with traditional methods.

Our GeoTek LV and GeoTek HS resins have been specifically designed for soil injection to consolidate and significantly improve soil bearing capacity. These low viscosity Newtonian resins are injected into the soil under low pressure through small diameter injection lances driven down into the soil at engineered spacings and depth. The resin permeates the soil matrix during the injection process and once cured, binds the soil matrix together creating an inert, high strength impermeable soil mass (pile).

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The benefits of the GeoTek underpinning resin system
  • Proven technology - Our GeoTek resins have been used for over 35 years
  • Engineered – Each property is surveyed, and the process engineered by experienced technicians
  • Fast and effective – Installation typically completed within days
  • Non intrusive – In most cases, inhabitants can stay in the property during the installation
  • Excavation free – No need to remove soils and replace with concrete
  • Eco friendly – Our resin foams are totally inert and safe for the environment
How can Normet help?

Normet work closely with a global network of experienced Specialist Contractors.  Our Specialist Contractors are fully qualified and use the latest injection equipment technology and process allowing for precise and targeted delivery of the GeoTek resin material.  Please contact us if you would like more information on our GeoTek underpinning system or information on your closest Specialist Contractor.

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