Ground Improvement



Settlement or subsidence can cause serious damage to a structure and typically expensive to remedy using conventional repair methods, which are often disruptive and can cause more damage.



Where subsidence has been caused by loss of soils beneath the structure, i.e. washout or where settlement has occurred due to insufficient bearing capacity, ground improvement using the GeoTek polymer resin system is fast and effective.  The process is typically undertaken in a fraction of the time compared to conventional repair methods, is non-intrusive, avoids disruption and requires no excavation, removal and cost of disposing soil or sub-base material.



All projects undertaken by our Specialist Contractor partners are custom design engineered. Using physical site survey information and soil investigation data, they ensure that the contract work undertaken is precise, efficient and in line with expected costs.

Small diameter holes are typically drilled around or within the perimeter of the existing structure and high specification perforated lances installed to the engineered depth and spacing. Our GeoTek polymer resin is then introduced through the injection lances using a low pressure injection pump. The GeoTek polymer resin evenly permeates and distributes into the soil and sub base material where it reacts and cures to form an inert, high strength, high bearing capacity impermeable mass.


The benefits of the GeoTek underpinning resin system
  • Engineered - Each project is engineered by qualified experienced technicians
  • Fast & Effective - Takes a fraction of the time compared to conventional methods
  • Non Intrusive - Minimal disruption to property owners
  • Economical - Lower costs compared to traditional methods. No excavation required
  • Assurance - Manufacturer and application warranty
How can Normet help?

Normet work closely with a global network of experienced Specialist Contractors.  Our Specialist Contractors are fully qualified and use the latest injection equipment technology and process allowing for precise and targeted delivery of the GeoTek resin material.  Please contact us if you would like more information on our GeoTek underpinning system or information on your closest Specialist Contractor.

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