Ground Water Control and Ground Consolidation

Improved processes with knowledge and technology


Normet is a leading manufacturer and supplier of chemical resins and cement based grouts for ground consolidation, ground support, void filling and water ingress control used within the tunnelling, mining and general civil engineering environment.

The Normet portfolio of resins and grouts includes rigid, flexible, semi-flexible, water activated, temperature adjustable and low viscosity polyurethanes along with ultra-low viscosity water based acrylic, colloidal silica and sodium silicate based systems. To complement our resin and grout materials, Normet also supplies a full range of microfine and ultrafine cements used extensively in rock pre-injection (PEG) and soil permeation grouting applications.

In addition to our range of resins and grouts, Normet supplies a full range of accessories including pneumatic and electrically driven resin pumps, mechanical and inflatable grout packers along with microfine and ultrafine cement additives.

Typical Applications:
  • Stabilisation of rock, coals, soils and concrete materials
  • Stabilisation of convergence
  • Stabilisation of caved material
  • Control of water ingress
  • Pre injection into faulted zones (PEG) or soils to secure or to reduce hydraulic conductivity before advancement.
  • Primary and secondary support injection of any type of rock bolt, cable bolt, spilling bar etc.
  • Anchoring and securing

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