Surface Support and Waterproofing Liner

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Bonded to concrete or to strata, polymeric liners are relatively new to the tunnelling and mining industry.
Normet is taking a leading role in offering a range of liners from long durable flexible membranes to rigid, rapid setting structural support products.

Surface Support

For immediate support or immediate sealant against air or humidity Normet is proud to offer a unique product:

TamCrete SSL (Structural Support Liner)

  • Non-cementitious acrylic polymer shell with sealant characteristic
  • Within minutes it provides a mechanical performance even the best concrete will not gain within 24 hour
  • Applied rapidly and safely supporting the rock mass in early stages
  • Can be used as an anti-oxidation barrier for quick re-entry areas
  • Can be used in conjunction or in addition to sprayed concrete, mesh and bolt ground support systems
  • Used to compliment strengthen or increase the life and durability of existing ground support systems
  • Can be sprayed using a Normet SSL 15 pump – highly mobile and light equipment
  • Can be applied remotely by linking a high output SSL 40 pump to a Minimec

Application area:

  • Rock support on drives
  • Shaft linings
  • Undercutting of stopes
  • Sprayed onto kimberlite
  • Onto dry and wet rock and concrete surfaces

Waterproofing Linings

For long term durable flexible waterproofing linings in composite or final coating, our offerings are:

TamSeal 800 (Sprayed applied waterproofing membrane)

  • Tough but also highly flexible membrane
  • Outstanding adherence to both cured and fresh applied concrete
  • Enables watertight composite shell structures by disabling water migration along the concrete-membrane-interfaces
  • Easily bridge concrete crack defects up to 3 mm

TamSeal 10F (Acrylic modified cementitious flexible waterproofing coating)

  • Ideal product to waterproof and re-surface concrete or masonry
  • Mixed simply on site
  • Creates an effective barrier against waterborne salts, atmospheric gases
  • Provides a hardwearing waterproof membrane for roof and concrete protection

TamSeal Drainage Fleece

  • Lightweight double-sided polyester needle felt with integrated polyethylene sheet
  • Supplementary product for used in locations that require pressure relief such as drained tunnel or can handle high water ingress locally

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