Watertight Structures

Comprehensive solutions to stop water


Normet’s waterproofing products are used for building, civil engineering, basement and tunnelling. We provide comprehensive solutions – from the deepest foundations to the roof. Wherever water needs to be stopped, retained, Normet has a product or system to do it.

  • Integral Treatments
    • Admixtures for use in fresh concrete and mortar mixes, and formulations to treat capillaries and seal concrete through a process of crystallisation
    • Waterproofing admixtures –TamSeal Admix
    • Polymer additives –TamCrete SBR
  • Construction & Movement Joint Systems
    • Products used for treatment and waterproofing of concrete joints
    • Re-injectable tube system deliver water-stopping grouts and gels to critical locations beneath the concrete surface – Tam Injection Tube RI
    • Flexible Epoxy Grout –TamRez 440
    • Hydrophilic waterstops–TamSeal BR / TamSeal BBR / TamSeal R / TamSeal CWS
  • Surface-applied Penetrative Treatments
    • To resist the ingress of water and water-borne contaminants
    • Some react with free-lime to form a water insoluble calcium silicate hydrate, while others combine with free lime to form insoluble crystalline complexes within the surface matrix of the concrete
    • By impregnation –TamSil 7 / TamSil 290WB
    • By crystallisation –TamSil 1 / TamSil 7 / TamSeal 20
  • Liquid-applied Coatings & Membranes
    • For preventing shrinkage while creating strong waterproof barriers
    • For high levels of resistance to specific chemicals, seawater, sewage and water-borne contaminants such as chlorides and sulphates
    • Product in our range provide solar heat resistance and exhibit flexibility and/or elastomeric characteristics to account for the presence of dynamic cracks
    • Cement-based –TamSeal 10 / TamSeal 10F / TamSeal 800
    • Polymer-based –TamSeal 23 / TamSeal 23E / TamSeal EP11 / TamSeal IM / TamSeal RC / TamSeal 10GM
  • Sheet Membranes
    • “tried and trusted” method of protecting and waterproofing large areas of concrete, foundation slabs, retaining walls and tunnels
    • Self-adhesive–TamSeal 1500
    • Torch-applied –TamSeal 4000E
    • Nail-fixed –TamSeal Drainage Fleece
  • Water Plugging
    • Rapid setting (cement based) –TamCrete Plug / TamCrete PolyPlug
    • Polyurethane-based –TamPur 100 / TamPur 125 / TamPur 130 / TamPur 138 / TamPur 150

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