Aliva-403.6 Air

With the Aliva dosing units accurate dosing of liquid admixtures is very simple. High-quality materials ensuring the well-known, long and reliable quality of Aliva machines. Inox fitting with manometer, push switch and suction hose with lance is the standard equipment for all dosing units. The Backflow preventer, for drinking water protection (in many countries a must have) is optionally available for all versions.

The Aliva-403.6 Air is driven by compressed air. Therefore 7 bar and 3 Nm3/min compressed air are required.
  • DL10: 40-240 liters/h
  • DL18: 150-700 liters/h

Key benefits and features

  • Accurate dosing of liquid admixtures is very simple
  • Long and reliable quality

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