The chassis is built with two long end to end steel plates making it very sturdy. Due to this design the largest possible wheel angle is achieved, enabling an extraordinary short turning radius. The rugged Aliva®-304 spraying arm allows a spraying height of 10 m. The spraying arm and the concrete pump Aliva®-272 are powered by a 55 kW drive. A built-in 75 kW compressor guarantees enough capacity as it supplies an air flow of 12m3/min. The outputs of the concrete pump and the dosing unit can be adjusted directly at the radio remote control and the values are shown on the display. The Aliva-520 is definitely your first choice for a concrete spraying system.

Key benefits and features

  • Durable, agile and powerful
  • Electric or diesel drive
  • Proven concrete pump Aliva-272
  • Dosing unit Aliva 403.6 Synchro
  • Short turning circle
  • Integrated 12m³/min air compressor
  • 10 m spray arm


Wet sprayed concrete with concrete pump | Dry sprayed concrete with rotor machine | Excavation support | Slope stabilization | Rock support | Mining | Small tunnels

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