Drill Pump

Drill Pump is a light weight and handy electrically operated pump used for high pressure chemical grouting. It is a simple to use injection pump especially designed for the injection of single shot polyurethane grouts or epoxy resins. It is the perfect machine for daily use and suitable for performing both commercial work and residential injection, with its compact design it is ideal for use in confined areas.

Drill Pump is simple in design and construction. It consists of the following parts.

  • Electrical drill
  • Gear box
  • Pressure Pump
  • Pressure converter
  • Feeding hopper
  • Pressure gauge
  • High pressure supply hose
  • Injection head with on-off valve

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Key Benefits
  • Good mechanical performance, little noise and no pollution.
  • Portable: It is small, light and easy to handle
  • High efficiency: It can reach 0 ~ 180 bar work pressure within several seconds
  • Safe usage: With its reliable and practical structure, it is both user-friendly and safe to use
  • High pressure: With a grouting pressure of 0 ~ 180 bar it can easily inject grouts or resins into tiny cracks and holes in concrete structures.
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