GeoTek SS


GeoTek SS is an environmentally friendly, highly stable, two component, ultra-low viscosity sodium silicate grout primarily used for geotechnical applications such as soil stabilization and water control during excavation.

GeoTek SS is supplied in full concentration and can be diluted accordingly depending on soil permeability and strength required.

The system comprises of GeoTek SS Part A Sodium Silicate Grout and Part B the Hardener. By adjusting the Hardener dosage, GeoTek SS can be used where very slow migration and penetration capabilities are required.

Key Benefits
  • Low viscosity
  • Good adhesion to wet surfaces
  • Solvent-free and environment friendly
  • Adjustable gel time
  • Standard grouting equipment can be used
  • Can clean with water


Typical Applications
  • Pre-injection of rock, sand and silt strata
  • Consolidation of soil
  • Tunnel waterproofing and leak sealing
  • Passive ground stabilization