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The Normet Minimec mechanised concrete spraying manipulator is especially designed for smaller-scale sprayed concrete works. It is the recommended solution for mechanised spraying in escalator and tunnel shafts, small diameter tunnels or in places where access is unavailable to larger machinery.

The telescopic boom is mounted on a crawler carrier of which both rugged rubber tracks can be operated independently. This enables the Minimec to be turned around easily, even where there is little room for maneuvering. The support legs can be lowered hydraulically ensuring stability in all kind of ground conditions. Additional foot blocks are included for even better stability in soft grounds and slopes. Lifting points allows easy and safe hoisting of the Minimec.

The carrier track motors and support legs are driven by a 11.5 kW diesel engine. The track motors are equipped with spring applied brakes which are activated whenever the operator releases the controls, for added safety. The spray boom is operated by an electro-hydraulic power pack providing 7.5 kW of power to the load sensing hydraulic system and proportional boom control valve. The boom is controlled by a two joystick wireless remote control system. Each boom movement speed can be adjusted individually by using the remote control and control unit switches.

With a telescopic boom, the Minimec can cover up to 8.0 meters in height and 6.4 meters in width with a spraying distance of 1.5 meters. With the automatic nozzle oscillator selected, the spray pattern is wider and more refined. Powerful LED working lights at different locations on the machine assures high visibility without the need for additional floodlights. The

The Minimec is CE-certified meeting all industry requirements and compliant with safety regulations.