Multimec LF 100 – Multi-Purpose Logistic Vehicle

Multimec LF 100 is a multipurpose logistic vehicle with maximum payload of 10,000 kg. With Multimec’s hydraulically operated cassette handling system, the cassette can be changed on and off the carrier in couple of minutes. Multiemc LF 100 have robust LF-series carrier with 155-190 kW diesel engine and heavy duty powerline. It is recommended when process includes constant ramp driving fully loaded.

Key benefits and features

  • Compact design
  • Robust and strong carrier
  • High level ergonomics
Multimec LF 100 with Personnel Cassette - Side View Multimec LF 100 - Side View Multimec LF 100 - Stage IIIA Multimec LF 100 - Stage V

Options and additional equipment

Key Options
  • Front axle suspension
  • Hydraulic operated compressor
Emission Class
  • Stage IIIA
  • Stage V



Multimec LF 100 - Stage V

Multimec LF 100 - Stage III and Stage V

  • Technical data sheet available here
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