Normet SmartDrive Fast Charger

For demanding operations where tramming distances are long, Normet provides fast charging solutions; optional fast chargers can charge batteries quickly during operation or a break, so there is never a need for costly battery swapping.

With fast chargers being strategically placed, battery charging can become a part of normal operations. Normet provides easy-to-use fast chargers for on-site installation. Normet’s fast chargers are based on the CCS standard and specifically designed for challenging environments and can be used to charge any compatible CCS capable vehicle. There is no need for tedious and dangerous fuel delivery and storing anymore.

Normet’s CCS compatible battery charger offering includes three chargers:

  • SmartDrive CT40 is a state-of-the-art Finnish DC-charging trolley, which is tailor made for harsh underground conditions. The trolley does not require permanent installation and it is an ideal mobile charger for workshops and service depots. It offers output power of 40kW.
  • SmartDrive CC160 is a fast charger cabinet with 160kW output power provides power where you need it the most. With the CC160, batteries can be charged from 0% to 80% in 30 minutes.
  • In addition to regular CC160, Normet also offers a multi voltage version, SmartDrive CC160 MV, which is equipped with step-down transformer to suite typical grid voltages in underground work sites. To find out more, contact your local Normet representative! 

Normet offers a service concept to ensure that you maximize the value of your investment. Our service concept includes: charging infrastructure design consultancy, installation services, start-up training, spare parts and maintenance services.


Normet SmartDrive Multimec


SmartDrive CT40 charger with 40kW output power

SmartDrive CT40

  • Charging trolley
  • 40kW output power
  • Movable and equipped with robust wheels
  • Technical data sheet available here
Normet SmartDrive Charger CC160

SmartDrive CC160

  • Charging cabinet
  • 160kW output power
  • Multi-voltage version available
  • Technical data sheet available here

SmartDrive CC160 MV

  • Multi-voltage version of CC160
  • For more information, contact your local sales representative
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