NorStreamer 30 V trailer concrete pump is designed to be used in tunnelling worksites, shafts and small diameter tunnels for mechanised application of wet concrete with the Normet Minimec or for manual application.

The double piston concrete pump, driven by an 37 kW electro-hydraulic power unit, has a pumping capacity of 3 m3/h up to 30 m³/h. The S-tube together with separate hydraulic circuit and pressure accumulator for changeover gives low pulsation in concrete spraying. Concrete pumping can be controlled either from the control panel or from the additional remote control (cable or wireless).

The standard NorStreamer 30 V has a Nordoser XEP electronically controlled accelerator dosing and concrete pump control system. The system is providing the user with clear colour display for the process information, easily adjustable pumping speed, accelerator dosage rate and a process data logging function. The process data can be logged per work shift and downloaded to a USB-drive. The Nordoser XEP system includes as standard Normet peristaltic dosing pump with a good wear resistance, high suction capability and output accuracy.

Optional Nordoser XEM system is otherwise equal to XEP version but it is equipped with a mono type dosing pump. For dosing without electronic control unit there is available manually controlled accelerator dosing system Nordoser XHP.

NorStreamer 30 V has four balanced lifting points on top level, in trailer version a tow bar and two wheels for good mobility. For stationary use and lifting with cranes it can be equipped with a skid frame. Skid frame version is ideal also for custom mounting the unit on platforms. Extension frame for mounting a 1000 L IBC accelerator container fits to both versions.

With additional hosing kits the NorStreamer 30 V can be converted either for manual concrete spraying (including a spraying nozzle) or for mechanized concrete spraying with the Normet Minimec.

NorStreamer 30 V is also available as Normet Multimec concrete pump cassette.

The fully CE-certified NorStreamer 30 V is designed for maximum operator safety and ergonomics with multiple features. Modular construction makes it easy and safe to access for maintenance and cleaning in daily operation.

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