Scamec 2000 S


Scamec 2000 S is a diesel driven unit designed for mechanised scaling in underground mines and tunnels where tramming height is 2.4 m or more. Scamec consist of NC200 carrier, NSB1000 boom, scaling tool and other scaler accessories.

The powerful liquid cooled turbo charged 120 kW or 155 kW Deutz or MB 170 kW TIER 3 approved engine provides clean and efficient operation. MB gives a maximum speed of 7 km/h in an upward inclined 1:7 tunnel. In a horizontal tunnel, the maximum speed is 17 km/h.

The FOPS and ROPS approved safety cabin provides superior visibility and comfortable compartment for the driver. The enclosed cabin provides noise level < 75 dB. All daily checks can be done from the ground level.

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