Normet SmartSpray®

As it becomes increasingly difficult to find talented nozzle operators and the quality of the sprayed concrete can vary significantly from operator to operator, Normet developed the SmartSpray system, which minimizes the operator’s influence on the result and increases the productivity of the spraying process.

Three different levels of automation are available of the Normet SmartSpray® system: Lite, Pro and ProPlus.

Normet SmartSpray® Lite
With Normet SmartSpray® Lite the operator controls only the spray nozzle instead of all the spray arm joints, which means that instead of the traditional two or four joysticks, the operator uses only one joystick to move the spray arm.

In the Lite version, the nozzle alignment is kept constant in relation to the surface being sprayed, thus ensuring that the nozzle is optimally aligned with the surface. This allows the operator to achieve consistent and high-quality spraying results.

Normet SmartSpray® Pro
Normet SmartSpray® Pro allows the spray nozzle and boom to be moved automatically to simplify repetitive patterns of movement. In point-to-point control mode, the spray nozzle automatically travels back and forth along a straight line between two defined points. The operator can adjust this straight line or a segment of it during operation with just one joystick. Normet SmartSpray® Pro combines this point-to-point function with automatic nozzle alignment, making spraying even easier. All the operator has to do is move the spray line to the next segment and maintain the distance to the surface. This functionality is for example very useful to spray large and smooth surfaces in big tunnel cross sections.

Normet SmartSpray® ProPlus
With Normet SmartSpray® ProPlus a predefined area can be sprayed fully automatically. In this mode, the control system maintains the set distance between the spray nozzle and the surface, while automatically maintaining the correct speed to achieve the desired concrete thickness. The Normet SmartSpray® ProPlus system calculates a path for the nozzle movement so that the defined areas are sprayed automatically. This technology turns your novice sprayer into an experienced master.

Concrete spraying with Normet SmartSpray

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