Spraymec LF 050 DC

Spraymec LF 050 DC is a diesel-hydraulic self-propelled mobile concrete sprayer for modern mining operations in small and medium size tunnels. It features a new Normet NSP 30 concrete spraying pump with maximum theoretical concrete output of 19 m³/h with diesel operation.

Three different accelerator dosing system and concrete pumping control system configurations give possibilities to choose best feature for purpose in question.

Basic version is Nordoser XH with mono –style dosing pump and with manual adjustment for dosing and for concrete pumping output volume. Optional dosing system Nordoser XE comes with mono –style pump with electronically adjusted concrete output volume control and accelerator dosing is synchronized automatically with concrete output volume. High-end model Nordoser XI includes low-pulsation concrete pumping feature and electronically adjusted concrete output volume control together with synchronized accelerator dosing.

All Nordoser models are available with optional low-pulsation Normet peristaltic dosing pump Normet LPP-D and additional process information display in cabin.

New improved cabin has more space for operator and ergonomic drivers place. New dashboard with new LCD multi information display (MID) replaces previous separate gauges.

Improved spraying boom SB 500 B includes strengthened steel structure, modified joints and has larger diameter hydraulic cylinders to give more power for smooth spraying operations.

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