Spraymec NorRunner 140 DVC

The Spraymec NorRunner 140 DVC is designed to be used in tunnel profiles up to 19.5 m in height and 28 m in width.

The NorRunner features the new NSP 30 concrete pump with a maximum theoretical output of 30 m³/h and an on-board compressor with a capacity of 13.8 m³/min constant pressure to deliver enough air for spraying operations. The state-of-the-art NorSmart control system is used to control all spraying, accelerator dosing and boom functions.

Two 1,000 L plastic containers with heaters and mixers are provided for the accelerator. A hydraulically operated generator supplies electric power for heaters and mixers during driving, allowing safe operation during the winter season.

The spraying operation can be powered either by diesel drive or by electric power packs. With the selected chassis and the best transmission on the market, high output hydraulic pumps can be used to run the compressor and concrete pump as well as all other functions needed. Independent operation without a high voltage system is crucial for sites in remote places.

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