TamCem 11 – Superplasticiser for high performance concrete

TamCem 11 is a new generation superplasticiser for concrete. It contains sulphonated polymers and is specially formulated to give exceptionally high water reduction and greater workability. It is a non-chloride added liquid admixture which has been formulated to comply with the requirements of ASTM C 494 for Type A and Type F, high range water-reducing admixtures. It fully meets the requirements of BS5075 : Part 3 : 1985 for superplasticising admixtures and JIS A6204 “Chemical Admixtures for Concrete”. It is compatible with all cements meeting recognised international standards.

TamCem 11 provides extreme workability characteristics for high slump and highly flowable concrete with greatly reduced water demand.

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Key Benefits
  • High water reduction that ensures high early and ultimate strengths, low permeability and high durability of the concrete
  • High flowability allows for easy placement
  • Good cohesion, no segregation, minimal bleed water and extremely high levels of workability of the concrete
  • Enhanced easier placement and delivery control
  • High elastic modulus, low shrinkage and creep are achievable with graded coarse and fine aggregates
  • Superior finishes with reduced honeycombing
Typical Applications
  • High performance concrete
  • Highly flowable concrete
  • Highly durable concrete
  • High early strength concrete
  • High strength concrete
  • Pre-cast concrete
  • Ready-mixed concrete
  • Pumped concrete
  • Less environmental impact concrete
  • Environmental design concrete structures
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