TamCrete CS

TamCrete CS is an environmentally friendly, highly stable, single component, ultra-low viscosity colloidal silica primarily used for injection into sands, silts, and fine joints and fissures in rock strata. TamCrete CS is available in three grades with varying SiO2 content.

By adjusting the accelerator dosage, TamCrete CS can be used where very slow migration and penetration capabilities are required. The chemical properties and hydrophilic nature of TamCrete CS, ensures excellent adhesion to wet / saturated surfaces.

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Key Benefits
  • Single component, low viscosity.
  • Good adhesion to wet surfaces
  • Solvent-free and environment-friendly
  • Adjustable gel time
  • Standard grouting equipment can be used
  • Can clean with water 



Typical Applications
  • Pre-injection of rock, sand and silt strata
  • Consolidation of soil
  • Tunnel waterproofing and leak sealing
  • Passive ground stabilisation 
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