TamCrete SSL


TamCrete SSL sets the standard in Thin Sprayed Liners. Over the years, TamCrete SSL has evolved from a high strength sealant into a robust, cost effective structural support liner that continues to maintain its sealing characteristics.

TamCrete SSL is based on Acrylic resin and graded fillers and is not cement based or polyurea based.

TamCrete SSL is versatile because it works often when no other means of support is available. It is mainly because it can be applied rapidly and safely, reinforcing the rock mass in the early stages before it moves too far down the ground reaction curve.

TamCrete SSL’s structural support mechanism is considered to be particularly relevant in very high stress situations in which some loosening will have taken place and in which on-going stress-induced fracturing does occur. TamCrete SSL penetrates into the rock mass along open fractures and joints and acts as a hard, rough gouge, filling and increasing the cohesion across the fractures.
This strengthens the rock mass and limits the ability of the rock fabric to move. (Key block-interlocking). Due to the good adhesion capability of TamCrete SSL it is an excellent sealant and support mechanism. This capability prevents weathering and deterioration of fractures and preserves the excavation for long term-mining.

TamCrete SSL is a combination of the best technology used in wet sprayed concrete combined with innovative polymers to create a three dimensionally ultra-strong compound for use in mining, tunnelling and civil applications.

Due to the reduced amount of material that is applied savings are realized with operational effectiveness on logistics, application, etc.

TamCrete SSL is applied using highly mobile and light equipment without sacrificing spray production. TamCrete SSL can be sprayed in small difficult-to-access areas with relative ease.

TamCrete SSL is highly adaptable and can be sprayed on live water by decreasing the gel time. Owing to TamCrete SSL’s fast strength gain ground support may be carried out right up to the working face.

Key Benefits
  • Cost effective
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Fast setting times and ultra-high early strength
  • Ultra-high final compressive strength development  after 7 days and excellent long-term durability
  • Can be applied to frozen ground
  • Very low dust production during application ensures safer working environment
  • “Zero waste” (No rebound)
  • Total flexibility



Typical Applications
  • Rock support in tunnels and mines
  • Suitable for lateral work and in shafts
  • Slope stabilisation
  • Grouting applications
  • Soil stabilisation in poor ground conditions