TamGrease BL11 – Multi-purpose TBM EP2 Grease

TamGrease BL11 is a main bearing sealing grease (excluder grease) for tunnel boring machines. It effectively protects the main bearing by preventing the ingress of soil, water or dust through the main bearing sealing.

TamGrease BL11 resists high water and ground pressures, has excellent sealing capacities and good lubrication and pumping properties. It is partly based on renewable raw materials.

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Key Benefits

TamGrease BL11 is a lithium thickened EP2 grease containing anti-oxidants, corrosion inhibitors and EP/AW additives.

  • Excellent lubricating and pumping properties
  • Good washout properties
  • Good adhesion to metal surfaces
Typical Applications

EP2 grease can be used for the following tunnel boring machines:

  • EPB TBMs
  • Slurry TBMs
  • Hard Rock TBMs
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