TamPur 120 – High strength hydrophobic water stop injection resin


TamPur 120 is based on a polyol component (part A) and a polymeric MDI (part B).  When mixed, a hydrophobic polyurethane is formed which is tough, rigid and resistant to a wide range of chemicals.  TamPur 120 fast set reacts rapidly enabling the product to cut off large water leaks. TamPur 120 slow set has a long open time allowing for greater penetration into fine void and fissures.

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Key Benefits
  • Potable water certified
  • High compressive strength
  • High bond strength
  • Rapid reaction for fast water cut off
  • Solvent free, environmentally safe
Typical Applications
  • Extreme water ingress
  • Filling of small voids
  • Stabilisation of concrete slabs
  • Ground consolidation
  • Wet or dry fissure grouting
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