TamPur 190 – Non-foaming Highly Flexible Polyurethane Grout

TamPur 190 is based on a polyol component (Part A) and a prepolymer of polyurethane (Part B). The polyol component has been degassed to help reduce foaming during the reaction with the polyurethane prepolymer, giving a hydrophobic injection resin.

TamPur 190 has been specifically designed for use as an economic sealing system for cable ducts and cable entries. TamPur 190’s characteristics enable the reacted resin to be easily excavated should cabling require modification or replacement.

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Key Benefits
  • Forms an impermeable elastomeric seal
  • Can withstand very high pressure
  • Can be cut or drilled out easily
  • Slightly expansive and resilient
  • Flexible
Typical Applications
  • Sealing pipe ducts
  • Sealing cable entries
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