TamSeal CWS / TamSeal PVC

TamSeal CWS is designed to combine the latest developments in hydrophilic technology with the traditional benefits of PVC waterstop. TamSeal CWS has been specifically designed to seal construction joints against the ingress or egress of liquids in water retaining or excluding structures. This new system enables the PVC waterstop to be fixed on site in the usual way and provides the additional benefit of exposing two hydrophilic elements before the pouring of concrete, thus avoiding the common problem of hydrophilic pre-mature swelling on site. TamSeal CWS is suitable for use in contact with potable water and can be used in situations where salt water and sewage are prevalent.

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Key Benefits
  • Not affect by water temperature
  • Complete integration with existing PVC
  • Hydrophilic elements have been designed in optimum position within the system
  • Can be used in situation where salt water, sewage, agriculture silage, oil, diesel and petrol are prevalent.
  • Swells in salt water
Typical Applications
  • Poured In-site construction joints
  • Box culverts
  • Cut & cover tunnel construction
  • DAM construction
  • Underground (utility) vault seal
  • New to old concrete
  • Manholes
  • Pipe penetrations
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