TamSeal Drainage Fleece

TamSeal Drainage Fleece is a unique combination of Polyester needledfelt, with an integrated polyethelene waterproof sheet of which is mainly used as part of our overall spray or brush applied waterproofing system for tunnels and water retaining structures. TamSeal Drainage Fleece used in combination with TamSeal 10F or TamSeal Spray Applied Membrane is the ideal waterproofing system for applying Permanent Sprayed Concrete Linings [PSCL] in both drained and un-drained structures.

TamSeal Drainage Fleece can also be used purely as a waterproof membrane in certain circumstances.

The high flexibility of the sheet, allows the geotextile fleece to be fixed tightly to even the most adverse of geometries.

Key Benefits
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Allows water to drain
  • Can be used as part of our TamSeal Waterproofing system
  • Allows excellent bond of TamSeal 10F and other flexible spray applied liquid membranes
  • Resistant to acid concentrates
Typical Applications
  • Tunnels and caverns
  • Water retaining structures
  • Basement waterproofing