TamSeal PU Primer – Waterproof priming of substrates and joints

TamSeal PU Primer is a single-component quick drying solvent-based primer for priming substrates and joints before application of Joint sealant and Polyurethane waterproofing this need to be apply. It is suitable for use over horizontal and vertical surfaces.

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Key Benefits
  • Ultra-low viscosity ≤ 5 mPa-s
  • User Friendly
  • Low VOCs and single component type easy to use
  • Solvent based allows for quick drying
  • Improved adhesion to many substrates requiring primer
  • Act as per sealing agent for small cracks
Typical Applications
  • Excellent primer for Polyurethane based waterproofing materials
  • Excellent adhesion to Concrete (RCC/ PCC) any grade
  • Can be used as a general-purpose primer for all PU products
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