Utimec LF 600 Transmixer

Utimec LF 600 Transmixer with practical concrete carrying capacity of 5.6 m³ is designed for heavy concrete transportation in underground mines and tunnels where tramming height is 2.6 m (8.7 feet) or more.

The powerful liquid cooled turbo charged 155 kW TIER 3 approved engine provides clean and efficient operation and gives maximum speed of 8 km/h fully loaded in upward inclined 1:7 tunnel. In horizontal tunnel the maximum speed is 18 km/h.

The standard drum lifter feature allows flexible adjustment of the concrete discharge height up to 2.0 m making it possible to discharge the load also in circumstances where the receptive unit is not on the same angle or same level as the concrete transporter.

Vehicle has optional front axle suspension system that improves driving safety and comfort and reduces fatique. The suspension system reduces vibration from wheels to the cabin and improves handling of the vehicle. The suspension system gives efficiency and speed to vehicle usage, with safety and comfort for the driver and the passenger.

The new Normet FOPS and ROPS approved safety cabin provides superior visibility and comfortable compartment for the driver and the passenger. Cabin is designed for safe and easy entry and exit. Door openings are wide and handrails and non-slip steps are correctly positioned. Dashboard is easy and simple to use. New multifunctional display (MID) provides driving information (speed, RPM, temperatures etc.) and information can be recorded for analysis. Enclosed cabin provides noise level < 75 dB ensuring safe and comfort driving.

Vehicle layout allows easy access to all service points, all daily checks can be done from the ground level.

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