Utimec MF 100 E – Material Transportation

Utimec MF 100 E is a mining truck for explosives and charging crew transportation. Vehicle have open platform with 10,000kg carrying capacity. Platform is covered with rubber lining and it includes separate closed boxes for detonators and primers. In front of platform is personnel compartment for four persons. Normet MF-carrier has 120 kW diesel engine and reliable powerline.

Key benefits and features

  • Versatile
  • High level ergnomics
Utimec MF 100 E Material - Front View Utimec MF 100 Material - Back View with Cover

Options and additional equipment

Key Options
  • Closed personnel compartment with heating and A/C
  • Tarpaulin cover for platform
Emission Class
  • Stage IIIA
  • Stage V


Utimec MF 100 E Material - Stage IIIA

Utimec MF 100 E - Stage IV

  • Technical data sheet available here
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