Utimec MF 328 PER – Personnel Transportation

Utimec MF 328 Per is a dedicated personnel transportation vehicle with 32+3 persons capacity. MF-series vehicles offer high power and durable powerline for frequent ramp driving. Dedicated Utimec personnel carrier is preferred solution for underground personnel transportation. Utimec offers outstanding ergonomics and safety for the driver and the passengers.

Key benefits and features

  • Spacious rear compartment
  • Robust and strong carrier
  • High level ergonomics
Utimec MF 328 PER - Front view Utimec MF 328 PER - Right side view Utimec MF 328 PER - Inside

Options and additional equipment

Key Options
  • Full suspension
  • Closed compartment with heating and A/C
Emission Class
  • Stage IIIA
  • Stage V


Utimec MF 328 PER - Stage IIIA

Utimec MF 328 PER - Stage III and Stage V

  • Technical data sheet available here
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