Utimec MF 660 Fire – Fluid Transportation

Utimec MF 660 Fire is fully equipped fire-fighting vehicle for underground environment. Utimec MF 660 have 6,600 l water tank capacity with high capacity water pump and water cannon. It is also possible to equip with foam tank and foam mixing system. MF 660 can be used also for tunnel wall/roof washing purposes. Utimec MF 660 Fire has 120 kW diesel engine and reliable powerline.

Key benefits and features

  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Excellent features and options
  • Reliable carrier
Utimec MF 660 Fire - Front view Utimec MF 660 Fire - Rear view

Options and additional equipment

Key Options
  • Hydraulic controlled water cannon
  • Foam system
Emission Class
  • Stage IIIA
  • Stage V


Utimec MF 660 Fire - Stage IIIA

Utimec MF 660 Fire - Stage IIIA

  • Technical data sheet available here
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