GeoTek AC is an ultra-low viscosity hydrophilic acrylic grout with an adjustable gel time. GeoTek AC is mixed with an initiator and accelerator and will set into a resilient gel.

GeoTek LV is a low viscosity, single shot polyurethane based on MDI in combination with polyether polyols and an amine based catalyst. The system only reacts when it comes into contact with water, forming a rigid
polyurethane foam.

GeoTek HS is based on a polyol component (part A) and a polymeric MDI (part B). When mixed, a hydrophobic polyurethane foam is formed which is tough, rigid and resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Controlled expansion and high early strength allows this material to be used effectively for raising sunken slabs and pavements. GeoTek HS is also used widely for underpinning applications where increased soil bearing characteristics are required.

GeoTek SS is an environmentally friendly, highly stable, two component, ultra-low viscosity sodium silicate grout primarily used for geotechnical applications such as soil stabilization and water control during excavation.