Normet SmartDrive – Innovating for performance

Normet CC150 charger cabinet with 150 kW out-put power provides power where you need it the most. Cabinet provides fast charging and their robust and durable design is tailor made for harsh conditions.

Normet SmartDrive CT40 is a state-of-art Finnish DC-charging trolley, which is tailormade for harsh underground conditions. The trolley does not require permanent installation and is an ideal mobile charger for workshops and service depots.

Utilift MF 540 SD is a scissor lifter based on Normet SmartDrive technology. Utilift series offers reliable performance for lifting and installation needs of underground mining. 4.5 ton maximum lifting capacity enables to install among others heaviest ventilation fans used in mining. Normet SmartDrive BEV technology, in addition to zero emissions, provides a platform for high tramming speed and fast transits from site to site in underground installation works.

Normet Utimec MF 500 Transmixer SD provides the highest productivity on its size class. Utimec MF 500 Transmixer SD has a large concrete transport capacity and extremely high output power to ensure high tramming speed also when it is fully loaded.

Normet Multimec MF 100 SD offers an innovative and reliable cassette system with a powerful carrier to serve in a wide variety of different mining and tunneling tasks. With Multimec it is possible to carry out almost all service tasks underground, like personnel and material transportation, vehicle fueling and maintenance jobs, concrete transportation, just to mention few.

Charmec MF 605 V Long End SD provides place for external emulsion unit in size capable for both, underground development charging and production charging. Normet battery electric vehicle technology offers zero local emissions and high tramming speed, also when fully loaded.

Charmec MC 605 VE SD presents the new era of charging in underground mines. Normet SmartDrive battery electric vehicle technology integrated to the state-of-art emulsion charging technology offers the highest value to customer in terms of safety, ergonomics and productivity, with zero local emissions.

Spraymec MF 050 VC SD a is mobile concrete sprayer for mining, developed with decades of experience in concrete spraying in mining environment. Spraymec MF 050 SD is based on proven low pulsation concrete spraying technology and durable SB500 spraying boom.

Spraymec 8100 VC SD is designed for tunneling work sites and short transits from face to face, enabling zero emission concrete spraying and tramming. Spraymec 8100 offers the latest spraying technologies for demanding tunnel spraying, by having, among other benefit, low pulsation concrete pump and agile and fast moving SB508 concrete spraying boom with radio remote control.

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