TamCrete 400CS is an environmentally friendly, highly stable, single component, ultra-low viscosity colloidal silica primarily used for injection into sands, silts, and fine joints and fissures in rock strata.

TamCrete CR is a non-toxic environmentally friendly
concrete remover for the non-mechanical removal of
hardened concrete residue found on all equipment used
for batching, transporting and placing/injecting
cementious materials.

TamCrete PLL is a non-toxic, non-alkaline and environmentally friendly pump and concrete delivery line primer that provides lubrication to assist the delivery of concrete to the nozzel. TamCrete PLL negates pump operatives manually handling cement to prepare pump priming grouts. TamCrete PLL leaves behind a lubricating coating on the inside of the concrete delivery lines, which supports in stoping mix segregation and aggregates locking during pumping.

TamCrete MFC and TamCrete SFC are Microfine Portland cements for rock injection. The superfine particle size, together with the addition of TamCem Superplasticisers, provides superior penetration into tight joints, fissures, thus providing a water-tight grouted rock mass.

TamCrete UFC range of ultrafine cements incorporate selected granulated blast furnace slag and Portland Cement as an activator. TamCrete UFC cements are ideally suited for permeation grouting into soils due to their fine particle size or injection into tight rock formations.

TamCretePlug is a fast setting, hydraulic compound that instantly stops running water or seepage through masonry surfaces. It becomes harder and more resistant when subjected to moisture.

TamCretePolyPlug is a fast setting, polymer compound that instantly stops running water or seepage through masonry or concrete substrates. It becomes harder and more resistant when subjected to constant water pressure.

TamCrete SBR is a liquid, water-based high solids styrene butadiene polymer latex with high bonding and water proofing characteristics. It is stable under wet alkaline conditions forming a reinforcing polymer matrix within cementitious mixes.

TamCrete SSL sets the standard in Thin Sprayed Liners. Over the years, TamCrete SSL has evolved from a high strength sealant into a robust, cost effective structural support liner that continues to maintain its sealing characteristics.