TamSeal 10F is a two-component, acrylic modified cementitious coating. It is the ideal product to waterproof and re-surface concrete / masonry and can be formed on site using simple mixing methods. TamSeal 10F creates an effective barrier against waterborne salts and atmospheric gases and provides a hardwearing, seamless, waterproof membrane for roofs and concrete protection.

TamSeal 7 is a modified silicate product which acts as a waterproofing solution when applied to concrete. It can improve surface properties such as hardness, permeability, chemical durability and abrasion resistance. It reacts with free calcium in the cured concrete matrix to form a water insoluble calcium silicate hydrate. This forms a permanent waterproof barrier by penetrating cracks and pores within the concrete substrate.

TamSeal 10GM is a high performance elastomeric liquid rubber membrane specifically designed for waterproofing a range of vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is a water based compound, formulated on a styrene-butadiene co polymer. TamSeal 10GM is a single component coating that requires only stirring to form the ideal product to provide a waterproof and gas proof, liquid applied, methane and carbon dioxide barrier.

TamSeal 290 is a water based, silane-siloxane system, which penetrates deeply into porous substrates to allow for a bonded hydrophobic lining to the pores. This treatment significantly reduces absorption of water and waterborne salts but still allows the passage of water vapour. The solution does not produce any discoloration of the substrate and has excellent resistance to weathering

TamSeal 20 is a surface applied material which waterproofs and provides in-depth concrete protection. It consists of grey or white Portland cement, specially treated quartz sand and a compound of active chemicals.

TamSeal 23 is a “coal tar free” liquid applied, single compound based on bitumen modified, polyurethane waterproofing membrane. It cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to give a continuous seamless film which is rubbery, elastic and tough.

TamSeal 23E is a single-component polyurethane membrane used for long-lasting waterproofing. TamSeal 23E is a liquid-applied, highly elastic, cold applied and cold curing. It cures by reaction with ground and air moisture. Its enhanced UV resistant properties enable this product to be used as a weatherproof membrane while remaining flexible and durable, offering long-term protection to substrates against climate conditions. It is suitable for use over horizontal and vertical surfaces.

TamSeal 1500 is a high performance pre-formed, self-adhesive rubber bitumen, HDPE backed waterproof membrane. TamSeal 1500 is suitable for use above and below ground or on vertical and horizontal surfaces where waterproofing is required. This product is formulated for easy installation as well as to achieve the final adhesion in just a few minutes.

TamSeal 4000E is a 4.5 kg APP Modified Torch-Applied Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane. The surface is mineral slate, coated on a heavy duty high strength, nonwoven polyester mat. The mineral slate provides excellent UV protection and is suitable for light pedestrian traffic. The rigid nature coupled with excellent UV resistance of the membrane provides for long weathering and maintains the properties for an extended period of time.

TamSeal 800 is a high performance, single component EVA polymer, flexible waterproofing membrane. In large applications, TamSeal 800 can be spray applied using a dry rotor machine by hand or robotic spraying. For smaller applications it can be applied by brush. TamSeal 800 provides a tough, durable, seamless, waterproofing membrane for many structures including tunnels, shafts and caverns.