TamSeal Admix is a unique chemical treatment for waterproofing and protecting concrete. This admix is specially designed as a concrete additive at the time of batching and forms catalytic crystalline growth within the concrete, making it waterproof.

TamSeal BBR is a pre-formed, hydrophilic waterstop consisting of sodium bentonite and butyl rubber. It will swell up to 750% when in contact with fresh water. When fully encapsulated by poured concrete, the expansive forces form a seal against the concrete surfaces. This seal resists hydrostatic pressure, stopping water from entering the sub-structures. TamSeal BBR is able to withstand a 40 metre head of pressure.

TamSeal BR is a pre-formed adhesive hydrophilic waterstop designed to swell up to 200% in the presence of water, providing a watertight seal in cold joints on concrete structures. This highly advanced product is made up of butyl rubber, polypropylene elastomer, hydrophilic fillers and plasticizers, providing a more uniform and controlled volumetric expansion upon contact with water.

TamSeal CWS is designed to combine the latest developments in hydrophilic technology with the traditional benefits of PVC waterstop. TamSeal CWS has been specifically designed to seal construction joints against the ingress or egress of liquids in water retaining or excluding structures.

TamSeal Drainage Fleece is a unique combination of Polyester needledfelt, with an integrated polyethelene waterproof sheet of which is mainly used as part of our overall spray or brush applied waterproofing system for tunnels and water retaining structures.

TamSeal EP11 is a two component, 100% solids fast-curing pure Polyurea system designed especially for its abrasion and corrosion resistance and water proofing characteristics.

TamSeal IM is a high performance, elastomeric liquid rubber membrane specifically designed for waterproofing a range of vertical and horizontal surfaces. TamSeal IM is a water based compound, formulated on a styrene-butadiene co-polymer. TamSeal IM demonstrates durable and elastomeric characteristics, providing a seamless waterproof coating on building substrates and surfaces before other suitable finishes or toppings are applied. Once cured, TamSeal IM withstands ponding water and can be applied in continuously immersed areas forming a seamless waterproof membrane.

TamSeal R is a special blend of polyurethane rubber and Nano technology hydrophilic polymers. When it comes into contact with fresh water it swells over 200% and forms a water tight seal.

TamSeal RC is a flexible elastomeric liquid applied membrane specifically designed to waterproof a variety of external surfaces. Enhanced UV resistant properties create a product that can be used as a weatherproof membrane with flexibility and durability. TamSeal RC offers long-term protection against varying climate conditions for external substrates. Suitable for use over horizontal and vertical surfaces, TamSeal RC resists fungi and algae growth and prevents salt and carbon attack to the substrate.

TamSeal TG 11 is a driving grade tail sealant to be used on shielded tunnel boring machines (TBM). Together with the wire brushes, the sealant forms an impermeable barrier between the tail shield of the TBM and the concrete segments to effectively seal off any ingress of water, muck and backfill grout back into the TBM invert.