TamSil 1 is a clear, chemically reactive, silicate based sealer. Once applied it penetrates the concrete providing protection to the surface, ensuring long term durability.

TamSil 7 is a modified silicate product which acts as a waterproofing solution when applied to concrete. It can improve surface properties such as hardness, permeability, chemical durability and abrasion resistance. It reacts with free calcium in the cured concrete matrix to form a water insoluble calcium silicate hydrate. This forms a permanent waterproof barrier by penetrating cracks and pores within the concrete substrate.

TamSil 290WB is a water based, silane-siloxane system, which penetrates deeply into porous substrates to allow for a bonded hydrophobic lining to the pores. This treatment significantly reduces absorption of water and waterborne salts but still allows the passage of water vapour. The solution does not produce any discoloration of the substrate and has excellent resistance to weathering