Field services

Support for you and your equipment are critical. At Normet we understand how important it is to keep your equipment “in-service” and performing to its optimum level. To support our customers’ needs Normet has built a global support network with 200 highly trained service engineers. Theses engineers provide on-site support throughout the entire life cycle of your equipment, ensuring all environmental, health and safety standards are maintained.

The scale of certified Normet service engineer availability can vary from occasional on-call to agreement based services or resident service engineer that is available at your site permanently. Full on-site Normet operated service workshop is also common way to ensure the availability of your critical equipment.

Our unique remote services and programs enable customers to get real time support from the best Normet experts, globally. This includes:

  • Safety
  • Benchmarking the equipment operations data against design data
  • Minimise unplanned downtime by analysis of equipment performance
  • Condition and suggestion for improvements
  • Improved work quality by analysis of operator’s performance
  • Defined operator or service technician training

Audit Services

Normet auditing is an individual customer focused tailored service, aimed to create clear and measurable benefit to your business. This end to end service covers process, equipment, operator and maintenance operations, ensuring equipment performance can be guaranteed. This continuous improvement package can range from a single inspection through to an annual end to end audit.

As with any good medical treatment, a thorough diagnosis is crucial before treatment is prescribed. At Normet we undertake a thorough, documented audit, providing a full review during a comprehensive debriefing session, followed up with recommendations and implementation schedule.

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